The Kitsch N Sync

for all your boyband needs
(well, okay, some of them. needs, that is. there's only one boyband here. (no wait; there are two now. boybands, that is. they multiplied when I wasn't looking.) and a scattering of fictional characters. oh, just go read.)

Dribs and Drabs of Fiction

Getting to First: What if Lance's inability to hold a bat properly were a blight on Chris's soul?

Line of the Dress: What if nsync were supersecret transvestite spies, take one?

Well-Lit by the Bathroom Light: What if Chris got up to go to the bathroom after fucking Justin through the mattress?

Omission: What if they're maybe traveling swordsmen for hire and they've picked up more than a few enemies along the way, and Chris hasn't mentioned it yet but he's got a wife and Justin hasn't mentioned it yet but he's supposed to be a priest and they have lots and lots of narrow escapes and hot sex?

Don't Know What The Fuss Is About: What if Chris sang while Billy played the guitar?

Someone Else's Water Lily: What if Lance and Justin and Britney were all fucking each other in various combinations (permutations?) but nobody ever talked about it, take one?

Slightly Longer Stories

China White: What if Jenifur broke up and Billy Talent needed a new guitar gig?

Operative: What if Lance were sentenced to life in prison and one night taken from his cell to a place called Section One?

Inclinations: What if Lance and JC got stuck in an elevator in Las Vegas during Christmas?

Not A Pretty Girl: What if Justin decided to pull a Bubba Ho-tep, except without the zombies, and Chris wouldn't return his phone calls?

Toast: What if Joey gets married and Justin makes Kelly cry and it's not precisely what you're thinking?

Chimera: the Fabulous Life Less Ordinary remix: What if Chris and Lance showed up early and it gave Daniel a nervous breakdown?

2 a.m.: What if JC called AJ for a ride home?

Strip: What if AJ and Chris both stopped for gas at the same exit?

Long Ass Stories. Well, Story.

A Hot Fairy Tale: Dancing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Choreographers. Chases. Escapes. True Love. Miracles.


Disclaimer: These stories are not true. They are so not true, in fact, that several of them take place in worlds someone else has created. Someone not me. So I don't own the real people, nor do I assert any right to the fictional worlds in which they may cavort, nor to any fictional characters created by people other than me that the aforementioned real people  might encounter in a totally not true way, and I'm making no money out of this. I did, however, spend a fair amount of time in putting these words together. So there you go. - V.